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We are able to mentor individuals or teams in specific areas where some learning, confidence or a different point of view is required.  We also work one-to-one with individuals who would prefer a more bespoke and personal approach to development.

Mentoring gives you access to experience and and 'safe' third party who can help you develop and grow at your own pace or act as an experienced sounding board to work things through with you.  An independent experienced 'brain' can often be invaluable to help you crystallise your thinking or challenge you to make your thinking robust.

This can be face-to-face, virtual and also through a regular update consultancy service.  We are extremely flexible and tailor the service to you and your requirements.


Unlike training, this is driven by you, and we work to help you in a range of ways, from a being a sounding board, suggesting alternative or more efficient options to working through proposals and ideas to ensure they are thoroughly thought out and resilient.  

With personal mentoring, we do what it says on the tin, we work with you as an individual and give you a trusted partner to help you and your individual needs.

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