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Copy-editing is a difficult skill with so much more than grammar at its core. You will need to grasp tone, emotion, idiolects, language, style, brevity and people management, nobody likes a critic!

We can work with you in groups or teams, individually, face to face or online and take you through our copy editing programme where you are the centre of learning.  You will be taken through the principles of copy-editing, a grammar brush up and typical traps to be aware of and of course the exceptions.

This course aims to bring the best out of your writing, not stifle it with rules, but build an understanding of the power of copy-editing and to ultimately increase the readability and efficacy or your writing.

Everything from 'Tweet's to your next novel or even your 'homework' let us help you improve your skills and have a little fun along the way.  You will be amazed at how it will open your eyes to the undercurrents of writing and how you can harness them.

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