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Gareth Coombes-Olney

Founder and Director of

The Clever Fox Group

We offer a diverse range of services, delivered by an equally diverse group of people, with first class experience and skills.

The common thread throughout the business is people. People are our focus, we like to work with you.  Roll our sleeves up and dig in. Whether you are an organisation or an individual, we focus on you and your requirements. From a full strategy or communication plan, to one-on-one coaching we know we can bring our experience and knowledge.

Sometimes it takes an outside eye to help you learn something new or point out the obvious and then help you implement it.  Part of the process is working it through, looking for opportunities and having the support to make your decisions clearer and of course put them into place to see great results.

Clarity is essential, followed by ambition and drive.  Having the right team around you can make all the difference.  With our global experience across many sectors and cultures we have learned a thing or two and have developed a wide and experienced network ready to help your business.

Why not get in touch for a conversation and see if we can help?

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